The Problem:
Dirty black streaks on your roof.

Those black or brown streaks on your roof may look like dirt or tree droppings, but in fact they are caused by a species of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma.

Gloeocapsa Magma commonly grows on roof shingles, as well as wood, concrete, siding, aluminum and other exterior surfaces. The wind deposits algae spores on your roof, where they grow and feed on the limestone filler in your shingles.

It’s unattractive. And it causes a variety of other problems as well, including:

  • Possible insurance cancellation: According to this Cincinnati news story, some insurance companies, believe it or not, are now canceling policies because of roofs they consider to be too dirty.
  • Lower resale value: Prospective home buyers often assume that a stained roof will need replacement, lowering the perceived value of your house.
  • Reduced curb appeal: A stained roof can make for a poor first impression and get a house showing off on the wrong foot.
  • A hotter roof: Dark stains absorb heat, and excessive heat buildup can shorten the life of your roof.
  • Higher cooling bills: A hotter roof leads to higher cooling bills in summer, and also makes your home less comfortable.

The good news is, you can clean it instead of replacing it. As long as your roof is in good repair, our safe, gentle SoftWash process can clean and restore it in just a few hours using an exclusive biodegradable wash.If you’re ready for a better looking, longer lasting roof, you can learn more about our SoftWash process here.